box framing in Lapu Lapu City Cebu

customized Box framing in cebu
with the used of polyesterene moulding.
color creme matting and 3/16 plywood as backing
1/16th clear glass as protector
with blue matboard in siding
We also accept any kind of framing.
this includes, crosstitch, diploma, certificate, posters, paintings, and others.

customized frame for less in cebu

Framing is an old age technique in preservation items. It has been used for centuries to enhance the beauty of Art and paintings.

The Style of Picture Frames can say a lot about the art that it contains.
It is not only the process of hanging and displaying your artwork but it provides countless effect that emphasize various aspects of the art within the frame.

Black and White Moulding Picture frame in Sm City Cebu

A very nice black moulding color moulding  match with white matboard either in 2 inches or more spacing as design.. This frames can be seen at Sm City Cebu,

If you have favorite pictures that you want to share to your guests. Its now time to call us.  I recommend you to try this kind of design. very simple but elegant looking..