Photo frame delivered to Cebu Metro Park Hotel

Polyesterene Moulding with Black Color,
Size of moulding 2 inches, no matting,
Backing: 3/16 plywood
Glass: 1/16 clear glass
Owner: Bruce
Framer: Dm Frame by Joil Ocay
Delivery Address: Metro Park Hotel In Cebu City
Price: 350/square foot

crosstitch framing, polyesterene moulding, wall clock framing

Framing is one technique by preserving our artwork and pictures.. it can also draw attention to our viewer to our favorite photos.

Some Benefits of Picture Framing includes:
1. Giving details to photo context:
    (example: Framing A scene with an archway can tell something about the place or the beauty of the location..

2. Giving images a sense of depth & layers: generall puts something in the foreground which adds an extra dimensions to the view..

3. Leading the eyes of the viewer toward your focal point.

Brass Framing in German Subdivision, Gun-ob Lapu Lapu City Cebu

Also accept any kind framing services here in cebu,,such as diploma framing, certificate framing, poster framing, crosstitch crosstitch framing, paintings framing..

Another successful Brass item Framed and delivered today at Gun-ob Lapu Lapu City, Cebu..

For more info and assistance.. you can call me Monday to Saturday 8am to 10pm.. we will Pick Up and deliver any where in Cebu..

Picture Framing at Praise Cathedral, Mango avenue Cebu City

A very nice conservation of large Picture through Framing.  This can be called also a protection of large picture here in Cebu.. If you will find a very affordable and quality framing here in Cebu.. You find the right site.. we are very  committed to our framing services..We also accept wholesale price  in Cebu City, Mandaue City or even Lapu Lapu City.. We also accept Crosstitch, diploma, certificate, paintings and others.
Pictures below are framed through a medium size polyesterene moulding and