Cebu conservation framing on pictures and other artworks

Most frame shops in cebu are now offers conservation framing or acid free framing. This means that the matboard, backing board and tape are ph neutral and will not discolor and degrade your picture. It also includes protected glass that will prevent harmful light from fading your picture. Many frame shops in cebu are no longer carry the cheaper alternative of paper mats and cardboard backing because of the damage that it does to artwork. Independently owned frame shops are often owned by individuals who have art backgrounds and have a great amount of knowledge of materials and applications. It is wise to patronize their stores and use them as a resource when framing your artwork.

Choosing colors for matings and frame style is a personal preference and depends heavily on your d├ęcor and the colors in your room. Since framing is a very expensive project it is wise to choose something that will be timeless and not become quickly dated. Keep in mind when choosing your framing application that you want to enhance the picture and not compete with it.