crosstitch framing design

more design of crosstitch framing..

Framing Display Center in lapu Lapu City Cebu

My temporary display Center in lapu Lapu City, Cebu. Some polyesterene sample not yet included. All samples can be used for paintings, charcoal framing, crosstitch framing, Photo Frame, any certificate, diploma, large picture frame and any other valuable items.

framing business combined with my infin8 product distribution in Lapu Lapu City
painting Frame above with black t shirt is the owner. girl is trish.. one of the satisfied customers in DM Frames.

Equipment used in Photo Framing

The Equipment used for framing assembling and frame design...

framing machine that binds 4 sides of Frames with the used of V-nails

Other framing Accessories used to finish the framing works, this include double sided tape, glass cleaner, measuring tape, glue, heavy duty staple in a tool box.

the working table with tape and other made to order frames
We accept any kind of framing services
box frame
and other framabla items
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How to assemble polyesterene moulding in picture frame

step 1.
Polyesterene moulding are cut to desired sizes, then glued using mightybond, some framers directly nailed using v nails.

step2. apply the glue to miter faces of polyesterene moulding, dong over do, just apply a little amount of bond.

step3. Press the miter together to form a corner, move quickly as you can coz the bond dried quickly.

step4. Do it on four corners, Be sure to failrly glued all four corners then evenly press and align both sides.

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Replacing Broken Glass in Picture Frames

In this Topic, I will teach you how to replace your broken picture frame,

Picture glass can be broken easily, especially if you have kids around the house! With glass picture frames, the entire frame is made out of glass. If it's broken, your only option is to get a new frame. This is one of the downsides to glass
frames. For wooden frames, on the other hand, you can easily replace the glass, and in most cases, the photo or painting won't even be damaged!

The first step is to remove the broken glass. Be extra careful when you do this. Broken glass is very sharp, and it is easy to get hurt. Once you've removed all the glass from the frame, be sure to sweep up any glass that fell when you were cleaning.

Next, dispose of the glass. After the glass is disposed, it's time to put the replacement in.Replacement picture glass can be purchased in or at any Glass center in Cebu City, lapu lapu city and or in mandaue, or at any home arts and crafts store. Be sure to measure your picture frame before you buy the glass, or else you might end up getting the wrong size. Once you buy the replacement, simply fit it into the notches on your wooden picture frame.

And there you have it! Replacing broken picture glass is very easy. To prevent picture glass from breaking in the first place, here's a few helpful hints.

1. Don't hang picture frames unless they are secured. Many people hang picture frames on small nails. Because of this, a broken picture frame is inevitable. Make sure your frames are stable and have multiple contact points if you're going to be hanging them up.

2. Don't put leaning picture frames on small tables. Often, picture frames are accidentally knocked over. If the frame is on a small table, it can fall and break.

Good luck with your picture frames!

The largest and quality Frame Shop in Cebu

Welcome to DM's Frames

With over 10 years of experience in custom framing, DM's Frame Shop has created beautiful and functional custom frames, mats, and shadowboxes for hundreds of satisfied customers. Our work includes artwork, prints and posters, degrees and diplomas, keepsake items such as military medals, scouting and school awards, and sports memorabilia. From family portraits to limited edition prints, and college diplomas to autographed baseballs, we have the experience you can count on to preserve your treasured memories and beautify your home.

If you want to protect, preserve, and enhance the beauty of your artwork, family portrait, keepsake, or diploma, think about framing! At DM Frame Shop, we design custom frames and shadowbox displays to fit your style and budget. We can match the color and style of your finished framing to the color scheme of your home or office, even your woodwork or furnishings. Feel free to bring fabric samples, paint colors, and wood finishes to help us find the perfect match.

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