Installation of Frames at Capitol Cebu City

Picture below taken at Capitol Compund in Cebu City.

custom mirror framing

Why settle for a bare mirror? customize mirror framing is now in cebu.. You can now transform the looks of your bathroom, living room and or bedroom.
we have different kinds of polyesterene moulding for you to choose. You can now  dress up your ordinary mirror into a decorative mirror frame from DM  Cebu frame.

Large glass frame in Cebu City

Large Mirror Frame assemble by our team of framer. Location of Frame is In Mabolo Cebu City.

box framing in Lapu Lapu City Cebu

customized Box framing in cebu
with the used of polyesterene moulding.
color creme matting and 3/16 plywood as backing
1/16th clear glass as protector
with blue matboard in siding
We also accept any kind of framing.
this includes, crosstitch, diploma, certificate, posters, paintings, and others.